Identify and understand risk by leveraging the power of machine learning and comprehensive company data.

AI-Assisted Underwriting

Human instinct and experience meets computer intelligence. We’ve trained a machine to understand the complexities of business risk identification, enabling your team to be faster, more accurate and more efficient.

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Understand and Manage Risk

Gain access to a self-service platform to aid your team by enabling them to understand and identify risk faster and more accurately. With industry classification, predictive risk modeling, and anomaly flagging, we provide the data to help your team make better decisions.

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Industry Classification

See your customers from 360 degrees in just a few clicks, helping you better understand the unique details of every business in your total addressable market. Industry and sub-industry labels are automatically applied to enable precise decision-making.

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Predictive Risk Modeling

We provide self-service predictive analytics to identify high-risk companies in real time. We help our customers understand key risk factors of each business in order to make better and more informed decisions.

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Business Stability, Default Risk, & Growth Scoring

We’ve created proprietary indicators to score a company’s stability, default risk, and their propensity for growth. The result is smarter decision-making, every time.

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