New Ebook: Budgeting for Predictive Marketing in 2016


With Predictive Demand Generation, EverString applies your predictive customer model against a directory of 11 million B2B companies, to deliver net-new accounts and leads with a high propensity to buy.


With Predictive Scoring, EverString applies your predictive customer model against the leads and accounts that are already in your pipeline, providing a predictive score that focuses your team on only the best prospects.


With EverString you not only have deeper control in optimizing your funnel but can also drive engagement, turning out of funnel intent into an engaged prospect.

EverString is a key technology in our marketing tech stack and is one of the critical drivers behind Apttus' rocket ship growth! Maria Pergolino, VP, Global Marketing, Apttus

EverString Named to JMP Securities Hot 100 List of Best Privately Held Software Companies


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